Building a Startup with Tumult Hype

Founders take on a variety of roles from marketing to fundraising to product management. Storytelling is a big part of all of these startup roles because it engages people, establishes the brand, and builds trust. In this talk, I show how I used Tumult Hype as a tech startup founder to build a marketing video, an investor pitch deck, and high-definition user experience mockups. I walk through my design process, including defining the scope, finding inspiration, storyboarding sketches in a notebook, creating assets in Sketch and Hype, and then bringing it all together in iMovie. This was presented at Hype Conference in October 2017.

​Animated Marketing Video

I made this marketing video in May 2015 to demonstrate the features of my app, Road Rules, that helped people stop texting while driving. I used Sketch, Hype, Keynote, iMovie.

UX Animations

​I created these animation mockups using the Material Design spec, Sketch, and Hype.

FAB Ripple

When a user clicks on the floating action button, there is a spin and ripple animation.

Selecting Tabs

When the user selects a tab, the pink indicator slides and the selected tab has a ripple animation

Pitch Deck Demo

​I created this animation in Hype so that I could demonstrate the interactive SMS features of my app during my investor pitch presentations.

​Mic Drop

When a user likes a post and clicks on the heart icon, a mic drop animation is initiated.


These are marketing assets I created for Twitter ads, the Google Play Store, and newsletter headers.

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